A Little Brit Healthy – ‘Mum’s the Word’…

Easter Sunday!! Finally, a day when it’s acceptable to have chocolate for breakfast. Not that I need an excuse. My breakfast of choice for a long time now has been chocolate, cupcakes, donuts, biscuits, whatever sweet treats I can get my grubby little mitts on to enjoy with my morning cuppa.

I’m assuming this is a hereditary thing, since my mum has even more of a sweet tooth than I do (gasp!) and taught me everything I need to know about ‘healthy’ eating. She has several rules and over the years I’ve added some of my own. Together we could write a pretty amazing diet book I think. So below is the “Baldwin Girls Guide to ‘Healthy’ Eating”:

1) You can absolutely have a donut or cake for breakfast IF you plan on going to the mall that same day. The thrill of shopping as well as the constant walking back to the same shop you started at will burn off 100% of the calories consumed for said breakfast.

2) The Five-a-Day rule means this: if you eat two carrots, that’s two of your five a day. If you eat a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, that’s WAY more than your five-a-day (i think there are about 12 segments??) and the vitamin C in the orange bits make it an incredibly healthy snack. Same goes for Strawberry Cheesecake.

3) Wine is healthy. Grapes. Duh.

4) An Egg McMuffin from McDonalds is considered a healthy breakfast as it contains an egg. For similar reasons, mini eggs and creme eggs are also full of goodness..

5) Low Fat Oreos are good for you. I’m still not sure why this one works but these words came out of my Mum’s mouth and she is the authority on all things ‘healthy’. Then again, she is a vegetarian who refuses to eat vegetables…

6) 10 minutes at the gym = eat what you want for the rest of the day. You should ALWAYS get a reward for exercising and double the reward if the exercise was unplanned like when the stupid elevator** stops working and I have to carry the corgi up four flights of stairs. I need to mentally prepare for that kinda stuff!

7) Intending to go to the gym and having healthy intentions also warrants a reward. Usually enclosed within a Starbucks’ cup.

8) Cheese. Just Cheese. Always.

So as you can see, we are chocoholics and pretty much every day is Easter for us. We don’t like to share our treats and we will not, under ANY circumstances, give you our last Rolo. The sooner everyone comes to terms with this the better.

Happy Easter everybody!!

**lift. Sorry Nan.


One comment

  1. Mummy · April 5, 2015

    Taught you well I have!! Just counted up my 5 a day total up to now ( 7pm uk time) which stands at 4…cocoa bean from my Easter egg, soya bean and onion from my hotdog, strawberries from my strawberries and ice cream. More Easter egg it is then to make the 5!! Success once again !!


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