A Little Brit Gangsta – Gallery 1988

If you know me, you’ve probably at some point witnessed my excellent** rap skills. There aren’t many Jay-Z songs that I won’t immediately get up and rap along to, no matter where I am. People seem to find it entertaining, this awkward little white girl dropping some rhymes (see what I mean?) and therefore it’s often encouraged.

I actually attempted to take Hip Hop dance classes for while. I thought I was doing a pretty amazing job until someone in the class pointed out that no matter what move I’m doing it looks like I’m making a cup of tea. So that was the end of that. I even demonstrated my ‘finish pose’ for my best mate on our trip to New York not long after, and she laughed so hard she almost fell off the top of the double-decker tour bus (it should be noted that she falls over, into and off things very often so this wouldn’t have been much of a surprise).

This brings me to a fun event I attended last night, an art show at my favorite art gallery – Gallery 1988 on Melrose Ave. The artist, Chris B. Murray, pays tribute to his favorite MC’s of the 90’s in a series of prints and drawings. If you are or ever were a fan of 2Pac, Beastie Boys, Jay-Z and Biggie, this is the art for you. They also had a DJ spinning some classics and I had to fight with every fibre of my being to not break into one of my little routines. And did I mention the free LRG T-shirt with the Golden Era’s MC print?

Gallery 1988 is an amazing gallery full of nerdy art. They are best known for their Crazy 4 Cult series, showcasing art from all your favorite childhood cult classics and they also do special anniversary art shows such as last years Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary exhibit. Speaking of….this year 30 years ago was an AMAZING year for movie releases. Celebrating their 30th anniversary this year are classics such as The Breakfast Club, Back to the Future, Transformers, The Goonies and Teen Wolf. I’m making it my personal mission to appropriately celebrate each of these, beginning with a trip to Astoria, Oregon in June for the Goonies celebration.

Below are some pics of recent nerdy art purchases from Gallery 1988 and some from last night’s exhibit. They sell the work online too so be sure to check out http://nineteeneightyeight.com/ and http://www.chrisbmurray.com/

** a little brit rubbish

10334286_10152051499981861_7238435982275963824_n 10305609_10152051500326861_8754325626339555624_n 10363847_10152051500691861_1998591821248314424_n 10553544_10152218502901861_8215043391311774129_n 1888744_10152448463731861_5056796102530273469_n 10845979_10152448463746861_3077634713384419773_n 18485_10152673264246861_6893013982959347321_n 11096456_10152673264086861_71966260707938350_n 11083628_10152673263881861_7518932740361711755_n


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