A Little Brit About Me….

Awkward, Nerdy, Creative….I’m a little brit of everything really, so here I will be posting various musings about my foray into being ‘healthy’ amongst other things.

I’m born and raised in the North West of England (Winter is Coming…) and relocated to Los Angeles in 2008. Being a Northern girl in the US is a little difficult sometimes (not least because of the accent) and we are a rarity. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not just yet.

I’m a complete stereotype when it comes to being a Brit. I drink gallons of tea per day and I even own a Welsh Corgi just like the Queen! (delusions of grandeur…moi? Never!) I’m pale and afraid of the sun, I get up at 4.30am to watch/scream at my football team (Liverpool FC), I’m too polite to ask for anything, EVER, and in all honesty, my teeth could look better…..did I mention the self-deprecating humor?

All these things aside, I’m fitting into LA life quite well….except for the being healthy part. So that’s where I’ll start…my quest to become “A Little Brit Healthy”….


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